Why Do Patients Choose You?

We recently did a survey here to determine what’s important to patients these days when it comes to selecting a new dentist.  Because we are such clever marketing people we put it all into a nifty infographic.

I think you’ll be surprised at how some of the patient thinking has changed from five or ten years ago, like their attitude toward insurance and their interest in technology.  It’s good insight for all practices as you plan your marketing and make other practice decisions.

To get the infographic just click on the image below and it will send you to our site.

Alert: We are having an issue with Chrome not downloading this properly. Use another browser if you can. We should have it fixed by 2pm PST.




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19 thoughts on “Why Do Patients Choose You?

  1. We have the same problem downloading the graphic. If I right click and save the image, it’s too small to read, very fuzzy.

  2. For those having the blank screen when viewing in Chrome, just save the PDF to your computer, and then double-click on the downloaded file. The file will open with your default PDF viewer (not Chrome) and work!

  3. It’s very disappointing to me that the number one reason to select a dentist is that he/she takes a certain insurance. The list does not include person to person contact once they have contacted the office, or the perception of quality care.
    With insurance companies trying to drive dental fees as low as possible, I don’t see how this will lead to higher quality care or better experiences for patients!

    • I hear you. It’s a basic confusion about health care in general, and they transfer their thinking to dental coverage. Not sure we’ll reverse the trend anytime soon, with corporate dentistry accepting a lot of plans.

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