“What’s the deal with dentistry and social media?”

To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, “What’s the deal with dentistry and social media?”

Whenever I want to know what’s really going on in the front lines of dentistry I go straight to the source: practice administrators. So, when we conducted our new national survey of how dental practices use social media particularly close attention was paid to the responses we received from 200+ office managers.

Hoo-boy, did we learn a lot about managing a successful social media presence. What these practice leaders told us was so eye-opening that we’re dedicating entire our November 15th webinar to examining their responses.

“Social Media Showdown! 200 Views from the Practice Manager’s Chair” is a free online presentation that every dentist and certainly every office manager will want to attend. My special guest for this live webinar is Heather Colicchio – president of the American Association of Dental Office Management. We’ll examine the survey results and share best practices for saving time and getting better results from Facebook, Instagram and more.

Sign up now and be sure to stick around for the live Q&A session following the webinar. As an added bonus, everyone who attends will receive a copy of Futuredontics’ new report, of the new report, “How Dental Practices Use Social Media.”


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3 thoughts on ““What’s the deal with dentistry and social media?”

  1. Hi Fred,
    I usually don’t click on these ad banner emails from dental marketing “experts” because it is almost ALWAYS just a teaser for a webinar or a click-here-to-download my life changing free report that you shouldn’t share with anyone else, or my favorite of all time: the one simple thing you need to do (or stop doing) to be successful….
    But you seemed like a reputable guy, I actually thought I would get to read a well put together article about dentistry and using social media. Ha! Just another ad for a free webinar I don’t have time to attend. In the future, try to rise above that kind of stuff. You seem like you have more class than that.

    • Mark, I’ve gotten to the point where my lecturing and webinars take most of my content output, so I’ve been remiss in adding new content on my blog, but I want people to know how they can get more content. Sorry.

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