This video is a humorous look at what it would be like if I had become a dentist. First released at Siroworld 2016 in Orlando. Enjoy! And no, it’s not downloadable!

This video is a simple way to understand the lifetime value of a dental patient.

This is a quick video explaining the difference between dental coverage and dental insurance.

This is my “training” video demonstrating how things can go awry at the front desk when training is lacking and attitude isn’t.

This is my interview with Gary Takacs on The Thriving Dentist, expanding on my blog post about Darwin coming to dentistry.

This is my recent webinar on Facebook: how to spend your efforts and what you need to know to get the best results.

How to get your dental practice on the first page of Google in a natural search:

PatientActivator explained by me…

Online Reviews

I did my first Google Hangout. It was a discussion on dealing with online reviews of your dental practice.
It’s about an hour, but give it a start and see if you find it valuable.


The Business of 1-800-DENTIST

This five-minute video is a behind the scenes look at our dentist referral business in Los Angeles.

The Business of 1-800-DENTIST with Fred Joyal from Fred Joyal on Vimeo.


My Fake TV Commercial on Free Dentistry

Dentistry Ain’t Free! from Fred Joyal on Vimeo.


My Keynote at CEREC 27.5 in August 2012

This is a 45-minute presentation entitled “Maximizing Your Marketing Power”.

Fred Joyal Keynote at CEREC 27.5 from Fred Joyal on Vimeo.
Fred Joyal Speaker Demo

Rhino Relief

…or How to Think Like an Early Adapter

The Two Key Moments

This is an Ignite talk (5 minutes, 20 slides changing every 15 seconds) about the importance of what happens first and what happens last in a business transaction.  It was performed at the Harrington School of Communication at the University of Rhode Island on September 27, 2012.

Fred Joyal from Ignite Harrington on Vimeo.


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  1. Hi, just ordered your book. I am a Dental Surgeon in London, England. Just wondering if you have any contacts with the dental profession in London? I’d like to have some correspondence with you, cheers, Charles

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