The Happiest Dentist in America–Dr. Wayne Kerr

Fred interviews Wayne Kerr,  DDS, MAGD, a recently retired dentist in Atlanta, Georgia, whose boundless energy and love of his patients wasn’t enough to succeed until he learned the business of dentistry. He imparts some wonderful lessons on life and the profession in this lively conversation. Dr. Kerr also is a multi-book author and speaker. Check it out!

You can listen to the audio version here:

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3 thoughts on “The Happiest Dentist in America–Dr. Wayne Kerr

  1. Just Double Shazzam, Fred! Thanks so much for the invitation and opportunity to be a guest on your Remarkable Dentist Podcast! I think we not only had some good fun, but put out some meaningful and pertinent information for your listeners. You’re an outstanding interviewer and helped pack a lot of content into a short time! All the best, Wayne

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