“What Dental Patients Want” – This webinar introduces the results from a patient survey conducted by Futuredontics, giving deep insight into the desires and behavior of the modern dental patient.

•       “Dealing with Patient Reviews” – This report walks you through the basics of online reviews, including the major reviews sites, and gives you an easy 4-step approach to dealing with negative feedback.

•       “13 Warning Signs Your Website Needs Help” – We provide an in-depth checklist of the most common online mistakes that limit your website’s effectiveness.

•       “The Changing Role of the Dental Office Manager” – Our 20-page annual report surveyed 800 dental professionals, revealing trends in workload, social media, productivity and more.

•       “Dental Marketing Best Practices” – An overview of dental marketing essentials, this report covers the basics of attracting new patients, including what advertising approaches are most effective.


“Pain-Free Social Media” – In this pre-recorded online course, our founder Fred Joyal explains how to effectively incorporate social media into the dental practice.

The Dentist Survival Guide to Yelp!” –  Online reviews are a blessing and a curse, but they’re not going away. This webinar will teach you how to deal with Yelp reviews, both good and bad.

“Google Hates Your Website” – This webinar highlights the biggest website pitfalls that drive search engines (and patients) away – and how to overcome them.

 “Facebook Rules of Thumb” – This Webinar goes step by step through all the important aspects of getting your dental practice on Facebook and what to do to get the most out of social media.

“9 Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working” – This webinar covers the various mistakes and pitfalls when promoting your dental practice.

“OMG! Office Manager Gamechangers” – This webinar reveals a host of tools and techniques for making the office manager marketing role easier and more productive. With Heather Colicchio from AADOM.

“What Dental Patients Want” – This webinar introduces the results from a patient survey conducted by Futuredontics, giving deep insight into the desires and behavior of the modern dental patient.

Dental Services

These are various businesses in the dental industry that I find very helpful.  I consider them trusted resources for growing your practice, training your employees, protecting your business and creating a better work environment and more satisfying life.  And I don’t get a kickback from any one of them. 🙂

Practice Management and Team Coaching: Fortune Management; they are the only practice management company with individual franchises around the country, so your consultant actually lives in your city. They are the health care licensee for all of Anthony Robbin’s life coaching material, and I have never seen a practice that didn’t grow 20% in the first year working with them.

Job Search and Posting: DentalPost gets 60,000 visits a month, so I believe it’s currently the best marketplace to find new team members.

Dental Insurance Alternatives: The best in-office system I know of, Plan for Health. The patient saves money, you keep the patient and collect more of the fee than you would with insurance.  Kind of the point of it all.

Also, there is a new system, Pearly, the latest in this type of application:

Designer Scrubs:  I’m a big believer in nice looking, well-designed scrubs with your practice name on them. You can find great ones at Twice as Nice Uniforms.

Billing Services: eAssist is the best company for this, in my opinion. Outsourcing this will get your money faster and more of it.

Human Resources, Employee Management, Payroll: HR for Health has an amazing service that will keep you in compliance and solve a whole lot of your day to day headaches and challenges being a small business.

Front Desk Coaching: The Gold MeasureMiles Global, TCB Dental Consulting.

Dental Embezzlement Issues:  Nobody likes to think about this, but it happens a lot more than it should.  David Harris with Prosperident knows how to detect what is occurring, and help you deal with it from a legal and practical standpoint.  If you suspect your money is disappearing, I suggest you get ahold of him.

Team Training and Coaching:  Gary Takacs and his Takacs Learning Center is a comprehensive and very personal coaching service. It includes The Thriving Dentist, which are podcasts interviewing the top experts in the industry.

Dental Insurance Fee Schedule Renegotiation:  One of the easiest ways to increase your gross revenue is to check to make sure that your reimbursements are the most they can be.  Apex Reimbursement can help you with that.

Demographics and Location Planning: REALscore combines world-class technology, demographics, market analysis, patient location analysis, mapping and data to provide cutting-edge reports and consulting services to dentists and dental advisors. These resources assist in making crucial location, office and strategic business decisions.

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12 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Fred –

    I am a CPA that has over 300 dentists as clients. If i wanted to give them each a copy of your book, could i get a discount? I think the advice would be invaluable for them, start-ups and mature practices alike. The one question they all have in common is “What do i do for marketing?”.

  2. Hi Fred, I am seeking a speaker for the 2016 winter meeting of the Atlantic Coast District Dental Association. The meeting is held in Palm Beach, Florida during February or March 2016.
    As incoming President, I want a dynamic and informative speaker so of course I thought of you. Please contact me to discuss details:, or: 561-271-6355.
    By the way, we met at TBSE 2013 and took pictures with my team!
    Thank you, Karen Glerum, DDS

  3. Hi Fred, Can I get rid of all my own marketing and rely on you and your products to successfully run my Dental Practice surrounded by small towns (together 80,000 population) ?

    • I don’t, because it varies a bit from state to state. If you contact HRforHealth, they are a great practice compliance software and can help you with this. Tell them I sent you, and they’ll give you the right form.

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