Relationship Advice for Dentists

I’ve met over 10,000 dentists during my 33-plus years in this business and one thing is clear to me: Dentists are really bad at long-term relationships.

I’m not talking about girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others or spouses (though I could). No, I’m talking about building and maintaining relationships with patients. Dentistry survives on repeat business and most practices are simply not doing what it takes to keep patients coming back and accepting treatment. According to the ADA, 50% of new patients never return after their first appointment with a new dentist.

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13 thoughts on “Relationship Advice for Dentists

  1. Fred, this is an awesome topic and one I’m going to get all my dental clients to pay attention to. Relationships are everything and dentists who are too clinical have a difficult time relating to the patient in a humanistic way.

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  3. Agree. Too many dentists just complete their basic work. They don’t relieve the patient’s doubts in detail, and they don’t calm the patient’s emotions, let alone build trust with the patient. If I come across such a dentist, I will not come back.

  4. Nice Blog! The information for relationship advice good for dentist and his patients.Good Relationship build up necessary for point of view.

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