Pain Free Social Media Webinar

Hi all,

I’m doing a webinar tomorrow at 11am PST entitled “Pain Free Social Media”, and you’re welcome to participate.  If you haven’t joined a webinar before, it’s fairly easy.  You log in on a computer and then dial in on a phone to listen in.  Here’s where to do that:


I’ll be talking about maximizing your time dealing with social media, and where to put your focus.  Hope you can join in!



4 thoughts on “Pain Free Social Media Webinar

  1. Hi Fred,

    Just got off the webinar and I was trying to sneak in a quick question, but guess it didn’t get to you..

    I was wondering, if my dentist has a difficult time sitting down and writing out blog postings is there somewhere he can go to get templates and then tweak them to his own liking?



    • Hi Krystal,
      If you go to Dear Doctor, they do a magazine for dental patients (sent by their dentist) and they also have digital content that your dentist could use for his blog. I don’t know what the subscription rate would be, but their content is excellent and written for consumers.

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