Nobody Should Ever Leave Your Practice

Here are some rules, both old and new, about practice and team behavior:

Nobody should ever leave your office without paying in full. (Why bill them? So you can guarantee that 10% of it won’t be collected?)

I think they meant "exciting", which would make this photo even less relevant.

I think they meant “exciting”, which would make this photo even less relevant.

Nobody should leave without having “checked in” on Facebook. (If you don’t know why or don’t know what I’m talking about, read this blog post, especially point #5.)

Nobody should leave without updating their cell phone number and email address and preferences. (This is so you can maximize Patient Activator or other digital communication software.)

Nobody should leave without their next appointment scheduled. (They all have smartphones with calendars.)

Nobody should leave with being asked to review the practice, or post a photo, video, or comment on Facebook/Google+. (Even though they should do the Google reviews from home, not through the office wi-fi–read this blog post to know why, and for more in-depth Google strategizing).

Nobody should leave your practice because their insurance changed without being told that they are always welcome to come back if they miss the care you’ve provided, and that they can always call you with questions when someone else recommends treatment. (This lets them know you care about them, not money, and that they don’t have to be embarrassed about leaving you because they were trying to save money.  Often, they will miss your care and go out-of-network to come back.)

Nobody should leave without a goody bag of some kind, ideally one with items appropriate for their treatment. (Like toothpaste, a toothbrush, travel floss, fluoride treatment, ibuprofen, and home-care instructions.)

Nobody should ever leave without a fond farewell and an expressed sentiment about their return. (“Great to see you! We look forward to seeing your pretty smiling face in six months!” This serves as a double-check on appointing them before they go.)

Most of you do some of these, most of the time.  Imagine if you did it with everyone, all the time. You’d collect 100% of your fees, grow your practice with new patients, save time at the front desk, and all your patients would feel valued and appreciated. Would that be so terrible? 😉

Have a few of your own? Post them in the comments!


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6 thoughts on “Nobody Should Ever Leave Your Practice

  1. Always give a referral card with the appointment card. Ours are business cards on one side and a quote “The greatest compliment you can give is the referral of your family and friends” under the quote there is a line for the referring patient to write their name. We ask patients to give it away if they run into anyone in need of a dentist. AND we do get patients bringing them in! You can also track who in your practice is referring patients. Thank you cards, gift certificates or monthly drawings help motivate patients to refer.

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