January Is Make or Break Time for Dentists

January is dentistry’s busiest and best month for new patient acquisition. How your front desk handles new patient calls during the next few weeks can make or break your year. Knowing exactly what to say to callers as well as how and when to say it can mean the difference between hanging-up in frustration and adding thousands of dollars in new production to your bottom line. I hope you can join me and my special guest Laura Hatch, founder of Front Office Rocks, on January 12th for a special live webinar where you’ll learn how to take advantage of  January’s exciting growth opportunities year round. Sealing the Deal. Call Handling and Front Desk Strategies New Patients Can't ResistIn this all-new free presentation, Laura and I will share proven strategies that will help your practice create the kind of warm and caring first impression – both on the phone and in the office – that lays a great foundation for a long-lasting patient relationship. Recognized as one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry, Laura is an expert at helping practices improve their day-to-day operations and create the ultimate customer service experience. In less than an hour we’ll cover everything from scripts for handling “shopper” calls about fees to tips on the best way a front desk can welcome new patients. It’s going to be great. We hope you can make it. Register now.

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2 thoughts on “January Is Make or Break Time for Dentists

  1. I used to read your newsletter with great interest. Today, I just clicked the link thinking “it will as always be a webinar with something to buy at the end”.
    I suppose it’s ok, a lot of internet business work like that… It’s just disappointing to me. Hope it works for you though.

  2. I work to make dental clinics visible on the web. I also work hard to make great dental websites that will convince potential patients to call the clinic. However, if the clinic’s receptionist does not close the deal, all that work and all the publicity paid is for nothing.

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