I’m absolutely crazy about Dr. Wayne Kerr

I was lucky enough to see a presentation by Dr. Wayne Kerr earlier this year and frankly I was blown away. Wayne’s tales of success and failure from his 35+ year career in dentistry had me laughing hard and seriously rethinking a lot of what I thought I knew about how to succeed as a solo practitioner. I’m thrilled to tell you that Wayne is my special guest for an all-new webinar tomorrow.

“Winning the Long-Game in Dentistry” is filled with humor, great insights and proven business principles that improve lives, practices and financial health. I hope you can join us. A good time is guaranteed, especially during the live Q&A session. It’s going to be a wild one. Click here to register.



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2 thoughts on “I’m absolutely crazy about Dr. Wayne Kerr

  1. Fred,

    I’m bummed to see your blog reduced to mostly plugging webinars. Webinars are rad, but I feel they often don’t work for my schedule. Do you think you could make those available to watch after the fact? Also, thanks for your great books. I really enjoy your content.

    • Bob, if you register for the webinars, even if you can’t attend we send you a copy of them. I’ll make sure my team sends you a link to them. They are also on Futuredontics.com site. As far as my blog site becoming a promo site, I apologize for that. Honestly, I’ve been slammed on internal projects and presentations to such a degree that I am a little dry on blog ideas, but I’ll be ramping them up now that you’ve guilted me! So stay tuned!

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