Facebook Rules, Windows XP and the 5th Edition of my Book

I have three unrelated things to tell you about.

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First is I’m doing a webinar on Wednesday at 11am Pacific Time, entitled “Facebook Rules of Thumb”, giving you some deep insight and practical advice on how to take full advantage of social media as part of your practice marketing.  It’s free, of course.  Just click here to register.

Second is that as of April 8, 2014 (basically, a month from now), Windows XP will no longer be acceptable as part of your HIPAA compliance solution.  Microsoft won’t be offering support any longer for XP after that date.

Why this is not compliant is in large part because there will be no further security updates.  Holes will not be plugged, in other words, and you’ll be much more open to viral attack. Upgrade to Windows 7 (not 8, which apparently is quite cumbersome) or replace the hardware in your office, or both.  Talk to your distributor or PMS support for the best solution for your current system.

Third, I have revised my book once again.  This is the fifth edition of Everything is Marketing, with lots of new information regarding digital media, websites and the new consumer behavior.  You can buy the hardcover or the audiobook by clicking on the book cover to the left, and use the discount code “fred joyal” to get a great deal! (Gotta take care of my faithful readers!)  You can also buy it on Kindle now, but give Nook a week or so to get updated.

If you have a previous edition of my book, fill out the form below and I will send you a file that has the three sections with the major changes to the book, in PDF or audio, or both, if you like.

That’s it for now.

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3 thoughts on “Facebook Rules, Windows XP and the 5th Edition of my Book

  1. I was in your webinar on Facebook, which was great by the way, I have a question about being an administrator, I cannot see things that I am linking from my phone on my site when on the computer but can see it if I go into public on my phone, question is should I be able to see every post I make and why does it seem to go to timeline and not on my page? What am I doing wrong?

    • You are logging in to your phone in your profile, not in the page. You would have to switch on your phone to login to the practice page. You can’t move from your profile to your page on the phone. Annoying, but they limit what you can do on the mobile site. What you can do is share the post from your profile to your page when you are on a computer. When you click on “share” it will ask if you want to post it to a page you manage.

    • Cheri, the best thing to do is download the mobile app for pages. When you are on your page on your computer, it will recommend downloading the app. Then what you do on your phone will go straight to your page.

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