Facebook Now Lets You Schedule Posts

Facebook has now added a feature where you can schedule your posts, rather than have them post immediately.  This is a lot more convenient when your team member is doing her social media updates in the off-hours and you’d rather the post appear Tuesday or Friday (the best days).  The first time you do it, Facebook will ask you to put in the date when your page started—this is because you can actually backdate a post, though I’m not sure why you would want to.  It doesn’t have to be the exact date, just some time in the past.

When you begin to create a new status, there’s a little clock in the left hand corner, (where the arrow is pointing below), and when you click on it you can set up the date and time you want it to post. So far there is no way to find the post and edit it until it actually appears, so once it’s done, it’s going to post as is.

When you’re done click “Schedule.”  That’s it. A lovely new feature for those of us who do late night posting and don’t want them to disappear on people’s walls as the next day’s posts appear.

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