Claiming your Yelp Place

Go to and click on “Create your free account now”. This will allow you to search for your business and claim it, and then fill out the information. They will call your business with an access code and then you can put in a lot of information. Many people are surprised to find there practice already in Yelp, sometimes with reviews.

You MUST do this!  It’s free advertising, and free SEO.  You can add all your services, your hours, new patient offers, photos and video.  AND YOUR WEBSITE!  And if you have WebDirector, you can create a page where your Yelp reviews will show up within your website.  This keeps the searcher from going back out to Yelp to read your reviews, where he will see ads for THIRTEEN OTHER DENTISTS!


Yelp for Business owners



You can also simply search your name or your practice name, and most likely Yelp already has a listing for it, and it will ask you “Is this your business?” and then you can click the “Claim This Business” button, as you can see in the screen below.  As I said, they will send a code to the telephone number listed, and you will use that to log in and become the administrator of your business information.

Do it.

Yelp claim your business

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