Best Patient Safety is Live!

One of the biggest challenges dental practices are facing is the question of safety. It is keeping patients from returning to practices for treatment and causing new patients to hesitate because they don’t know which practice to choose.  Even some employees are reluctant to return. 

There is now a solution: Best Patient Safety. This website was created byYolanda Mangrum, DDS, MAGD, a prominent dentist and educator in Petaluma, California, and myself, to provide patients with the information they need to understand how safe it is to go to the dentist. And it is also a detailed resource for dentist members on the best procedures, protocols and technology to ensure that safety.

Best Patient Safety is assembling an organization of dentists who are willing to go above and beyond what the regulatory requirements are, and also those who use technology and systems to reduce aerosols, as well as treatment time and number of visits to complete treatment.

There are several key benefits to membership, from discounts on equipment and technology to updates on all the latest regulatory requirements. There will also be a searchable directory where patients can learn which dentists meet these standards.

Visit the website at or watch the introductory video below  for more information on how you can overcome this challenge quickly and permanently!

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