Becoming Remarkable is on Back-Order!

UPDATE: Books are now available through this site!

The first printing of my new book is sold out, and we won’t be able to ship more until December 21st.  Sorry about this.  Also, Amazon won’t be faster, and it will probably be more expensive. It’s always better to order through my blog site. There is still the Kindle version, of course.

I just finished recording the audio version, and it should be available on Audible within then next three weeks, I’m hoping.

Apologies again to all of you eager for copies–we didn’t expect so much demand!


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6 thoughts on “Becoming Remarkable is on Back-Order!

  1. Haha! Not surprised at all, Fred!! We’ve already read “Everything is Marketing!” How could you not expect to sell out your new first edition!! Woohoo! Thanks, RockStar! We appreciate your many contributions to our success! Best wishes!

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