Announcing the Superbold Transformational Workshop

I’m launching the inaugural Superbold Workshop June 24-25 in Santa Monica CA. It’s going to be an amazing and powerful experience for the select group of people who participate.

Can you meet anyone you want, anytime, comfortably? Are you confident presenting in front of people? Do you never miss opportunities for fun and adventure? If not, then you will benefit profoundly from this workshop.

Based on the concepts in my latest book, Superbold, you will be on an accelerated track to learning a systematic way to increase your boldness and confidence to remarkable levels, and have the tools, techniques and social skills to chase your dreams and live a fulfilling life.

Boldness can be learned, and I can teach you.
If you’re ready to take your confidence and boldness to vastly higher levels quickly, this two-day workshop is for you! Sign up now at

You can also schedule a personal call here with me to see if this workshop is right for you.
There are a limited number of scholarships available for those bold enough but in need. Attendance is limited, so make the bold move and sign up today! 🤓

I welcome all your comments!

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