Learn About Microdosing Mushrooms from a Dentist

My latest podcast discusses plant medicine and the growing interest and impact it’s having on many mental health issues.

Few people want to discuss the way they honestly feel inside. Somehow it has become taboo to tell others you are having mental health problems. Fred has a deep discussion with his longtime friend Dr. David Madow, a co-founder of The Best Seminar Ever. They discuss the impact microdosing has had on David’s life dealing with anxiety and depression. They get into how this new treatment modaliity is rapidly gaining acceptance because of its amazing results.

Dr. Madow’s podcast, Microdose U, offers practical advice about combating anxiety, depression, PTSD, bullying, loneliness, eating disorders, stress and more through psilocybin magic mushrooms. 

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How to Maximize Free Media–my New E-Book

Many of the fans of my books have been asking me, “What is the latest in marketing?” So to make it as easy as possible, I put what I’ve learned in recent years and months about how to fully capitalize on all the free media out there, and attract more patients like your best patients, while spending less money.

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Boldly Helping Desperate Victims with Dentistry

This week’s Superbold Podcast features Dr. Elona Gaball, one of our amazing Platinum Circle doctors, talking about her charity that helps sex trafficking victims. Check it out!

Audio is here: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/oA8YcKyEfAb

Video is here: https://youtu.be/Cf5FXFRWDLY

Are You Maximizing Free Media?

You should be, because not only are they free, they attract patients like your patients. What am I talking about? I’m talking about your website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google reviews and your Google profile. All of these are free. And all of these tell people what the experience of being a patient in your practice is like, why they choose you over someone else.

But to work, now they require something new. Video. Specifically, patient testimonial videos. In my second book, Becoming Remarkable, I talked about the importance of video testimonials, but back then, it was a lot more difficult.

{Don’t feel like reading? Watch the video here!}

The whole process of requesting them, editing them, formatting them and getting them on your website prevented virtually every practice from capitalizing on this very powerful marketing tool. But now that’s changed. Now there’s simple way to put these videos to work in free media. TruBlu Social Smiles.

I have worked in patient marketing for over 35 years, and I have seen nothing more powerful, more impactful, more versatile than a patient video testimonial. And I’m talking about a simple thirty-second message all done in one take, unedited, authentic, real. And that’s what makes them so believable.

With TruBlu Social Smiles, you can put them on your website easily. You can download them to post on your social media, in your Google profile, and on a YouTube channel easily. And requesting them from your patients is easy. I became the CEO of TruBlu Social Smiles because this is the breakthrough marketing that I’ve been waiting for since the internet came along. This is the revolution in marketing where you can spend less and get more, much more, while attracting patients like your patients. Because that’s what these videos do.

If you’re trying to distinguish yourself from other practices, how are you going to do it? By giving $1,000 off Invisalign? That doesn’t make you unique at all. What makes you unique are the patients who love you. And when they say that in videos, that makes you unique in the marketplace. Because no one offers care exactly the way you do.

So, for a cost that can be offset by one good case a year, you can streamline the whole process of maximizing free media with TruBlu Social Smiles.

The time to start is right now. Build that library of videos so you can use them everywhere. Especially the free places.

Schedule a demo with me here to see if TruBlu Social Smiles is right for your marketing strategy.

How to Attract More Patients Like Your Patients

One of the biggest challenges in dental marketing is you end up attracting “unfiltered” patients that you have to sort out in the office. This diminishes the value of your advertising spend and also takes time with your team.

As we all know, word-of-mouth attracts the best patients and always has and always will. But how do you amplify that? It’s usually a one-to-one conversation.

Now you can, because of one remarkable innovation: the patient video testimonial. I’m not talking about something that was staged and edited and shot by a professional. I’m talking about a video that the patient makes themself on their phone. One take, thirty seconds, spoken from the heart.

Nothing is more persuasive than this type of testimonial. And what it does is it takes word of mouth and makes it digital, which makes it permanent, and sharable. In fact, the patient video testimonial is the most persuasive and versatile marketing tool ever created. It’s persuasive because it’s real, and authentic, and unedited. And therefore believable.

It’s versatile because you can use it everywhere: on your website, in all your social media sites, on your YouTube channel. Even in the morning huddle to motivate your team. And guess what? All of these uses are free. You’re capitalizing on the media where your potential patients are without any advertising cost.

Let’s face it. We live in a video world. People will watch a video before they will read even two paragraphs of text. This is the way marketing is going, and you can get ahead of the wave.

I realize it’s challenging to get and manage these videos. Which is why I’ve launched TruBlu Social Smiles, which is a software platform that streamlines the whole process, making it easier for your patients to do the videos and easier for you to maximize their full value in all media.

Imagine if you could add a video to your website with two clicks, rather than having to contact your webmaster every time. That’s just one of the many unique features of TruBlu Social Smiles.

And don’t forget, video is what Google is looking for on your website. If you have an ever-changing array of patient videos on your site, your ranking is going to go up. And it will display like this on your home page:

If you’re ready to learn more, schedule a demo with me here.

Now is the time to go into high gear with video testimonials and start attracting more patients like your patients. Because that’s what these videos do!